You need about 45 minutes to get there from central. It is located on Ap Lei Chau, south of Hong Kong Island. The Horizon Plaza is a quite large building full of furniture makers and outlets. There are also several toy shops and a few food shops. You can find there huge showrooms filled with chinese-style items as well as makers that deliver within 6-8 weeks custom built items. Further, there are some rental companies to fill your apartment while you wait for the items from the other shops to be delivered. You will also find several shops for BBQ and outdoor furniture.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • If you want to take a general look, you might best take an elevator to the top floor and work your way down through the staircase. Since the elevators only stop at each second floor, you might wait a long time if you go up with them.
  • Dont buy at the first shop where you an item you like. There are many shops that have similar items at diferent prices.
  • Changes are usually possible. Ask if something does not fit your taste 100%
  • Some shops make things for you if you simply show them a foto or scetching up items. The prices are the same and you dont wait longer unless they have stock.
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